Future of Charging Symposium

Wold Trade Center Rotterdam, 14 October 2021

The future of charging –
Moving towards urban logistics with zero emission

Zero emissions is the way forward. Electric charging systems for commercial transportation are the most innovative and effective way to achieve this goal. The 2021 Future of Charging Symposium is an opportunity for you to gain knowledge and insights on electric charging for the world of logistics. From policy makers to researchers and companies: everyone is invited to share their expertise and offer each other practical tools. Can we look forward to seeing you there too?

What’s it about?
The logistics sector is facing a major challenge: transitioning from fossil fuels to electrical energy. During this symposium, all questions related to electric charging for the logistics sector will be addressed. A lot of parties are involved in the field of charging for the logistics sector. For example, are you a policy maker currently working on a concept related to charging? Are you the owner of a commercial fleet and planning to switch to electric energy? Or are you looking for the latest innovations in the field of electric charging for logistics? If so, make sure to attend the Future of Charging Symposium to gain new insights, discover practical tools and have a chance to meet the many parties involved in the chain of charging.

What’s in it for you?
The 2021 Future of Charging Symposium will guide you through the roadmap and show you what a transition to electric charging for the logistics sector could mean for you as a business, government or network operator. We will present concrete cases to show you how and in what way you can organize logistic charging. By working together, we will create a basic network for charging in the Netherlands.

Join the future of charging:
– Learn from the best practices;
– Meet all the parties in the chain;
– Establish new forms of collaboration.

Who will you meet?
The entire chain will be present at the Future of Charging Symposium: ranging from experts in the field of charging infrastructure to knowledgeable parties with a lot of practical know-how. Researchers and practitioners will come together and join forces. Policy makers who are leading the way with their vision on charging will share their knowledge and offer guidance in a world full of protocols. Fleet owners who have already made the transition will also be sharing their best practices. Network operators and installation companies will provide insight into how to build the required charging infrastructure for logistics Netherlands.

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